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Prepare the Way through Hearing

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Earlier this week I posted on social media about how I had content blazing hot in my soul to communicate to you this week! God so worked out the timing of my current research for the curriculum, my additional research for this Prepare the Way post, and even the events going on in my personal life that everything seemed to collide into a single message I knew He wanted me to communicate on here! But oh—then came the problem of actually getting out what He’d placed in my heart so that you could understand it! There’s this famous quote by C.S. Lewis, that applied so much to me the last couple days as I was putting this together for you:

You must translate every bit of your Theology into the vernacular. This is very troublesome, and it means you can say very little in half an hour, but it is essential.”

~C.S Lewis in Christian Apologetics

Oh yes, it is very troublesome… but it is essential! The main thing I’m still trying to figure out, in this work I’m now doing, is how to put an outline together that shares all the necessary information, without sharing too much or too little—and in just the right amount of time!

You can pray that I’d improve at this! I’m still figuring this stuff out!!

All that said, here’s the Prepare the Way post for this week. It’s imperfect, and a few minutes in my kids started playing piano in the basement—but please press through that hopefully-not-too-distracting section! I went all fancy-schmancy on you this week and added in a short intro with music! Next thing I’m going to work on is a mic so sound is less echo-y for you. After that, my plan is to set up a dedicated “In Black and Light” office in my basement where I’ll study/write as well as record videos for you! That addition might be some weeks (months) out though, as I have a feeling throwing a local class into the mix might put several other items on hold.

With that…. here’s this week’s vlog post:

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