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Dear Diary Ed. 3

posted by katiemoon February 16, 2017 0 comments


Happy Thursday everyone!

I got to the Dear Diary post a little late this week. To let you know my schedule, I’m planning to post these “Dear Diary” posts every Tues or Wed. And then I’m planning to post “Prepare the Way” posts on Thursdays or Fridays. I’m giving myself a little flexibility on the days these go live because life.

So I’m throwing in a second short “Dear Diary” video each week that isn’t an update as much as just background info on the study and work I’m now doing. (I was SUPER tired when recording it, hence the slow thinking/speaking! Ha!) So each week I’ll post an update post as well as a “story” style post that discusses the real life behind what I’m doing. So today, for this one I’m talking about WHEN I do my work! Next week I’m planning to share about how I “happened” into seminary 6 years ago!

Check back in tomorrow! I’ll be posting a new “Prepare the Way” post!

Love to you all!

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