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How I “Happened” Into Seminary

posted by katiemoon February 21, 2017 0 comments


Today I’m talking about my seminary journey and why I say I “happened” into it! Join me and my 3 year old, Benton, as we drive home from a walk in the park, to hear about how all things seminary happened in my life.

This surprise turn in my journey proved to be one of the sweetest endeavors in all my life! It wasn’t uncommon for me to leave one of the many 2-hour class sessions I attended, bawling my head off all the way home, in deep gratitude and joy that God would be so kind to lead me into this journey. It gave me an immense sense of joy to be learning on such a deep level. Immense. Joy.

It should be said that although it was a deeply joyful time, it was also deeply difficult. Oh that we wouldn’t shy away from deeply difficult things! I walked out of my first seminary class literally hyperventilating—finding it difficult to breath, because the syllabus they had just outlined sounded impossible to accomplish for a single class.

For four Christmas’s in a row, I was working to finish and turn in homework ON Christmas Eve while everyone else had for weeks already been shopping and baking and wrapping and writing Christmas letters and planning. At those times, I would wish I had a “normal” life. But does anyone really?

Life still is at an intensity I wouldn’t go about choosing per se, but every single day I am left with no choice but to abide in Christ, my life (John 15)! And I do choose that!

You guys! That’s my seminary story in a nutshell!! I’ll be in touch soon!

Grace and peace to you all,

P.S. In case you’re wondering after the video, my husband took a couple seminary classes with me, and enjoyed them, but God was also at work in his life calling him to build and grow new businesses in those years, so he did not remain in seminary long.

P.P.S. I SO shoulda had Benton tell everyone “bye”. How cute is he? 🙂

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