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Weekly Ministry Update: In Weakness He is Mighty

posted by katiemoon February 25, 2017 0 comments


In my Instagram post last night I mentioned I’d publish a written update on here last night! It wasn’t until I had gone to bed that I remembered that I promised that…. and proceeded to fall fast asleep! Gah! I’m sorry you guys!!

So all week I’ve been dealing with Strep Throat. What I didn’t mention on Instagram was that over the past week a couple other health things rather randomly came up as well, and all of them together had me feeling rather under the weather and greatly fatigued. Moreover, my husband was traveling for work a couple days this week, which left this sick girl on her own to tend to everything family as well. But what has me delighted in this season of life is God’s abundant kindness and faithfulness. Even when we feel alone and weak, we never are!

Truly, greater is He who is in me than he who is in the world! I was able to make greater progress on the Walking in the Light curriculum than I’d made in 3 weeks (since the launch of this site). Looking back over the week, I’m not sure how this happened, other than what I just stated: greater is He who is in me! So that felt GREAT!! The curriculum is ultimately what this is all about —even the Prepare the Way posts are pointing to that curriculum. It’s a work that God has been planning, preparing, and working out through me for quite some time now, and so any time I get to spend in it feels sooo good. I cannot wait to be able to share it with all of you!

To be specific, I finished editing 4 of the 5 days for Week 2 of the homework this week! This means that I am very close to sending it out to my editing team to edit, and even closer to getting to start plugging away at week 3. The 5th day will hopefully be done being edited early this week. I’m doing a bit of rewriting on it, so I’m not certain how long it will take. But that’s the hope! Progress and moving forward is what’s most important right now. And progress in the curriculum was made this week! If you pray one thing for this ministry, may it be by way of curriculum writing! Pray for this curriculum to be written and GOD’S message to be rightly understood by me and communicated well to you!

In other news, with not feeling well, once again the Prepare the Way post will be going up tomorrow night most likely! Perhaps Sunday night is the right night for these to go live, and the Lord is leading me to that (rather than Friday nights, which was my original thought). So we’ll see what happens!

I’m actually going to say ‘bye’ for now and get back to work on preparing the Prepare the Way video post for tomorrow. Please pray for this too, if you will. I’m excited about this focus for the blog, and know with all my heart the Lord lead me to it. I’m so very excited to see all that He has planned in it!

I’ll see you soon guys! Thank you for following this journey! Don’t forget to sign up for email updates below (at the bottom of this page), so they come to you, instead of you having to come here to track them down, and potentially miss some!

Grace and Peace to you!

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