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Dear Diary: All things Teaching, Curriculum, + Skiing!

posted by katiemoon March 7, 2017 0 comments


Without posting “Prepare the Way” videos the last couple weeks, I feel like there’s so much time between each post! But that is going to change SOON! In this video I talk a bit about those posts and give you one hint into HOW they’re going to change. If you missed last week’s post about coming changes, check it out here to be filled in! I also share how God is stirring up in me a great sense of excitement and mission over that series!!!

In addition, on this video I talk a bit about the trip we’re going on and where I’m at with writing the curriculum this week!

You guys—God is at work. He’s good. He’s present. He’s intimately acquainted with us. He is faithful. He loves you deeply and profoundly.

Grace, peace, and love to you all!

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