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Prepare the Way: What We Don’t Know About Who We Are

posted by katiemoon March 23, 2017 3 Comments

WELCOME to the re-launch of Prepare the Way, the blog series! The day has finally arrived and I am ridiculously excited! I’ve been working really hard to prepare this new take on the series as well as to prepare the content in this video. On top of that, I’m over the MOON 🙂 that I was able to collaborate with my friend and talented illustrator, Ben Brick, on this project (artist-collaboration is SUCH a dream to me)!! That’s all I can say about that for now (more in the next ‘dear diary’ post), but be sure you keep the film rolling so you can enjoy the special treat, created by Ben, within!!!

With that… here are some thoughts concerning today’s video.

These days it’s especially easy to wonder what has gone wrong in the world. But what has gone wrong in the world today is the very same thing that’s been wrong with the world since the beginning.

As much as it seems like a nightmare, it’s also a gift. See, the more aware that we are of evil and injustice within and without, the more likely we are to go looking for the answer to it. In reality, the evil has been there all along. Whether it was more veiled, or whether our own eyes were not opened to it, I don’t know… But we’ve always needed the solution to it. See, even if evil is veiled or disguised or masked, it doesn’t make the evil one behind the masquerade any less evil… nor any less at work.

The content in today’s video is absolutely paramount to our ability to become primed and prepared for knowing Jesus. Today’s message is the seed that must take root and grow within us in order to be primed for revival within and on planet Earth. I believe revival is coming. I believe we are on the cusp of seeing it realized before our very eyes! (Oh it’s marvelous days we’re living in!) And the fact that this message is coming out, is evidence of this very thing. You can be sure, this is not my message, this is God’s—found in His Word. And He wants us to understand this! Do not miss this video!

With that, when you are done watching, pass this along to your friends and loved ones! This declaration must reach the ends of the earth! Pass it on, friends!

All my love to you.

Until next time, and by God’s grace,

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Britni Schwartz December 29, 2017 at 7:28 am

At times I have wrestled with why God created us in the first place. Didn’t he know how evil mankind would be. Didn’t know how much we would sin? But the truth is that wasn’t his plan the domain of darkness didn’t come of us because we are evil but from us being entrapped under sin from us being sold into sin. Thanks for sharing this message its helped me find a new perspective on this. It can be hard to step back a see the 10,000 foot view — this message does that.


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