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LITTLE WHITE LIES: I Can’t Love This Person

posted by katiemoon June 20, 2018 0 comments

Some people seem absolutely impossible to love.

We know Jesus’ words, “Love one another,” but in our humanity we don’t love every soul. We can’t love every soul.

And this is not only because it’s hard, but because we actually can’t.

Our humanity has no capacity for such a thing.

But the kingdom of God does.

And if the kingdom is in you, then you do too (Col. 1:13).


On a bad day when I want to give in to hate, I have to bring myself back to what I am. Meaning, I am human. I am flesh. My flesh is my enemy. My flesh has no capacity for anything but darkness. Even when darkness masquerades as light in me, it is still darkness.

Remembering this about myself puts me on the same level as the one(s) I’m finding impossible to love. I remember I’m the same as them. I remember it’s not them I hate, but the enemy in them.

Unless I do this, the deception of hierarchy creeps into my thinking.

This deception sounds something like this:

-He’s so awful
-I can’t believe she could do/say that
-Who does that?
-I would never say that.
-________________ (you fill in the blank)

The deception of hierarchy is the idea that I’m better than someone else because I don’t do and say what they do and say.

We must never forget that sin is sin. Slavery is slavery. Darkness is darkness.

And forgetting this is pride.

Which is also sin.


John 2:23-25 says,

Now when He was in Jerusalem at the Passover, during the feast, many believed in His name, observing His signs which He was doing. But Jesus, on His part, was not entrusting Himself to them, for He knew all men, and because He did not need anyone to testify concerning man, for He Himself knew what was in man.

Jesus lived his life from the kingdom of God. His life displayed the power of Heaven. For this reason, people believed he had God within him. They believed he was God’s heir.

But Jesus, while on earth, knew what was in man.

The enemy slave-master of the kingdom of darkness was in man (Eph. 2:2, Col. 1:13).

You and I must know it too.

When we consider others, we must not see their flesh as who they are. What they’re doing from their flesh says significantly more about the slave-master of their flesh than it says about them.

Knowing the dichotomy between the person and their flesh takes us a long way in our pursuit to love all people.

But it doesn’t take us all the way.


The truth is God has chosen humanity to be his possession forever. All of humanity. Not only some of humanity. God didn’t pick humanity based on their behavior. God chose humanity based on their suitability to him.

On the young Earth, God brought every creature before Adam, at which time Adam named them all. But, it is said, that Adam did not find a mate suitable for him.

That is until God formed Eve from the rib of Adam.

When God presented Eve to Adam, he exclaimed, “This is now flesh of my flesh and bone of my bones.” This was a mate suitable for Adam.

Human marriage is a shadow of divine marriage. It is an earthly form of a higher reality.

Every human being was created in God’s image in Eden. We were created suitable for him.

This makes us the subjects of God’s divine love. The fact of our slavery doesn’t remove his love from us any more than our love would be removed from our spouse or child if they were trafficked into slavery.

God’s love is beyond the slavery in us.


Because we are flesh and we naturally love from flesh, we have a literal inability to love all people unconditionally.

But because we have the kingdom within us (via the Holy Spirit), we can be filled with the love of another source, a love originating outside of the bounds of flesh. We can be filled with God’s own love.

To access his love, friends, we must seek it. We won’t start loving everyone simply by the fact of our new birth. You and I need to put into play what we’ve learned about coming to God for his resources. We must enter his throne room (reckoning on his name, goodness, and omniscience), “wishing-toward” him for his love, and believing he says “yes, here you go”.

When divine love takes us over, there’s no mistaking it. Suddenly we’re flooded with love for someone we found impossible to love just moments before. God comes in and shows us his high other-worldly love for the person, and it wrecks us in the flesh. Our flesh is brought to death, and God is brought to full life in us.

Friends, in him, you can love literally anyone.

Because God loves everyone.


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