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LITTLE WHITE LIES: I Can’t Figure Out My Purpose

posted by katiemoon June 27, 2018 1 Comment

“Do what you love, love what you do,” has been a mantra at my husband’s office for some time now. It’s also a mantra all over the interwebs. Like everything, there’s plenty of kickback against it out there. But let me ask you this…

If you could do what you love, and love what you do… and you could somehow find that sweet spot… would you?

Purpose is so often an area of contention for us. We struggle with whether we know it, have found it, are on our way to it, are living it, or are successful in it.

So today, let’s discuss this area the enemy loves to mess with.


My frame was not hidden from You, When I was made in secret, And skillfully wrought in the depths of the earth… in Your book were all written The days that were ordained for me, When as yet there was not one of them (Ps. 139:15-16)

Therefore it says, “When he ascended on high… he gave gifts to men.” (Eh. 4:8)

But to each one is given the manifestation of the Spirit for the common good…For even as the body is one and yet has many members, and all the members of the body, though they are many, are one body, so also is Christ… (1 Cor. 12:7,12)

To say it up front, the Scriptures absolutely contest that God has deliberately planned your life, designed you, and filled you with gifts, abilities, and purposes that fit together in the greater web of humanity, both for the good of humanity and the glory of God.

To answer the question above: yes, it is astoundingly necessary for you to discover the particular purpose(s) you were created for… For Christ’s body to function as it is meant to.


In short, it’s worth everything.

Imagine if your nose was on your knee because it decided it’s too much work to make the journey to its intended location on your face. Little would that nose realize the cost he’s paying for staying where he is.

The enemy wants to scramble us and mix us all up so we cannot function properly as the healthy, whole, and strong body-of-Christ which we are.

But what we’re doing on this journey of unveiling the enemy’s Little White Lies is seeking how to escape his chaotic dominion.

Settling for where we are because of the cost of going somewhere else (you know exactly what it’ll cost you) causes us to miss out on more than we realize.

When you weigh the cost of what you lose by settling, against the cost of what it’ll take to pursue your purpose, the glory of God is far weightier than the lies of the enemies. Yes, they will both cost something. But missing God’s guidance and thoughts and plans and purposes is the far greater personal loss.

I promise you, what you leave behind will be extremely worth what you’ll gain in exchange!


Being very honest here, any time we walk out the purposes of God, the enemy works hard to force us back to where we were.

So will the difficulty the enemy causes in our lives be worth it? Is it worth facing danger, fears, anxieties, persecutions, sicknesses, trials?

Oh friends, it is! And let me tell you, we must!

If we want to come to the end of our lives knowing we surely faced giants, but by Jesus we overthrew them all, fulfilled our purpose, and walked closely and intimately with him (and I know we do)… then we must choose courage, we must choose tenacity, we much choose perseverance, we must choose to keep trusting Jesus.

No life is more worth living—and more fulfilling—than the one right in the center in his purpose for us.


Perhaps you aren’t sure what God created you for. If this is you, take time to consider your talents, spiritual gifts, places of pain in your past, places of passion for others, and somewhere in there, you’ll begin to step toward God’s purpose for you. Also, ask him what his purpose is for you. Surrender your ideas and will to his, and then spend time waiting and listening for his voice to answer you. (Do not fear! His plan for you is better than anything you’ve dreamed for yourself! It’ll wildly fulfill you!) Keep in mind that God uses every part of our journey to prepare us for our full calling. This means that your life up to now has not been wasted.

Perhaps you have clues as to your exact area of calling, but you don’t feel like you are functioning fully in it yet. Yep, this is me. I have identified several areas I know for certain he’s designed me to work in, but I know I’ve not yet stepped into my full calling yet. There are a number of pieces that haven’t fallen into place yet which tell me this. If this is where you are too, friend, press on, even though the journey seems long, difficult, or even impossible. Keep trusting Jesus to do the work through you, and keep going.

Perhaps you are fully in your calling and you know it. Praise God! Friend, I say the same to you. Keep trusting Jesus to do the work through you, and keep going. And friend, never turn your ear from Jesus. Keep listening for his guidance within you, keep trusting him, and stay open to whatever he has for you next.

No matter where you’re at in the journey, keep chasing him. Seek him till he’s the passion of your whole heart. Seek him till he’s the water you thirst for, the food you hunger for. Seek him till he’s the only air you long to breath. You cannot miss his purpose for you—he cannot not lead you all the way there—when you seek him with all your heart.


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