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Little White Lies: I Won’t Know What To Say

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When we start listening to the voice of Jesus in us, surrendering our wills in trust to his, and pursuing his purposes for our life, he guides us to do many things we’d never do—or think to do—in the natural.

The Lord’s mind is on humanity. He longs for each heart to find his. And so one of the primary things he’s going to lead us in is reaching people.

You and I know we have an enemy who hates us and wants to destroy the relationship between God and man. So of course he’ll do anything he can to stop us from reaching people.

If you’ve ever felt a nudge to reach out to someone in the name of Christ, perhaps this is one of the lies that’s stopped you. “I won’t know what to say,” has absolutely shut me down too.

But what if we didn’t have to worry about this? What if this was no longer an issue? Would we go then?


Let’s talk about the gospel. Gaining clarity on the gospel, what it is, and why its good news is huge for us. This won’t be all we’ll need in order to overcome this lie, but it’ll take us a long way.

What happened to humanity to cause a need for good news in the first place?

It’s important to know why we were in need of good news at all. We need to uncover what really happened in the Garden of Eden in Genesis 3.

As we recently discussed, humanity was created to be God’s suitable bride. When God came into the garden for her, she recoiled and hid from him. She’d just been taken captive into slavery and her new master manipulated her to do so.

What every person needs to know is that when Adam was taken captive into slavery, so were we. He held the entire human race inside him. What happened to him happened to us.

THIS is what went wrong in the Garden.

Furthermore, because of their taking humanity from God, a Day came to be set on which every enemy will be destroyed. As enemy property, humanity became in danger of this fate as well.

What is the good news of Jesus?

But oh! God was not ok with this potential fate for his beloved bride. So he made a plan to rescue her.

First, the commander of the demon armies (Satan) needed to die. This is what happened when Jesus’ human flesh died on the cross.

Second a new head for humanity (in place of Adam) needed to be installed. This also happened when Jesus died on the cross. 

Humanity needed to have the option to escape the enslaved, captive race of Adam. By entering the race of Christ (the second Adam), humanity is freed to enjoy eternal relationship with God—doing life in freedom with him (instead of hiding from him), and is given great hope regarding that future Day!

This is good news, friends!

…the LORD has anointed me To bring good news to the afflicted; He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, To proclaim liberty to captives And freedom to prisoners; To proclaim the favorable year of the LORD And the Day of vengeance of our God; (Isaiah 61:1-2)

Every human who believes this good news enters the new-human race of Jesus and is given the Holy Spirit to prepare for that Day!


Friends, as this good news settles into our minds and we grow in understanding and explaining it, we must keep in mind that all evangelism should be guided by Jesus. This means we listen for his voice and we go to the people he tells us to go to, when he tells us to go to them, and how he tells us to go to them.

He knows everything, he knows every heart, and he knows the best way to reach each individual.


Paramount to following Jesus’ guidance is trusting him. If he’s called us to someone, we can know that that someone is ready for what he wants to bring to them through us.

Furthermore, we must go to them in the Spirit. Meaning, we must not seek to deliver good news, or have spiritual conversation, apart from wishing-toward and trusting Jesus to resource the work! We must trust him to give us the words he alone knows will be effective with the individual he loves and is sending us to.


“If the wind goes where you send it, so will I.” I love these words in the Hillsong United song “So Will I.” I want to be ready and willing to go wherever and to whomever the Lord Jesus wants to meet and bring into his incredible kingdom.

And I suspect, you do too.

Friends, let’s get a solid grasp on why Christianity is good news, lets trust the Lord’s guidance in who he sends us to, and then let’s trust the Lord to resource us as we interact with the ones he loves so deeply.

This means, you and I can trust Jesus to make us know exactly what to say. Let’s go brave and in full faith!


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