Katie’s background (mainly pre-seminary days) is in graphic design, illustration, and painting (and a tiny bit of music). Katie loves the arts and believes they shape and lead culture. Art not only affects the culture aesthetically, which is powerful in itself, but its greater impact is in how and what it communicates. She believes art has great potential to affect, sway, guide, inform, and teach society—whether negatively or positively. Katie has a vision and passion to see artists and makers (of all kinds) come together with a unified purpose of intelligently, beautifully, powerfully shining the light of the glory of God in Christ Jesus around the globe. She believes that together—far more than individually—we can be used powerfully by God, through His Spirit in us and because of the blood of Jesus, to change the world. We’re created by God to work together as one body toward one goal, and Katie would love the opportunity to join passions with you in spreading the amazingly, astoundingly GOOD news of Jesus locally, nationally, and even globally!

If this vision resonates with you, please be in touch!

Last but not least, if you are a local artist/maker (or have skills of any kind you’d love to share), please consider joining Katie for class in Bismarck. Through coming together for prayer and the study of Scriptures, we can first and foremost discover Jesus afresh—growing deeply in Him, and from that basis, we can seek Him together for all the work He might have us here and together in this location, for such a time as this, to accomplish for His great name upon Planet Earth!

P.S. And bring a friend too! Bible study is for ALL people! 🙂