Welcome Friend!

There was this line in a show my son liked to watch when he was two. I had to push ‘pause’ on the remote one day and write down the exact words. These were the words:

“I found out that the only reason something stays lost is because someone stops looking for it.”*

So. True.

The past several years as God has been preparing me for ministry and then as I began the early work of the ministry, the truth found in this single sentence has proven profoundly true over and over again. I am not much for settling in God’s Word. I’ve never understood how people can just stop looking. I guess that’s the researcher at heart in me. And the teacher. I have to just keep looking, keep going… It’s like fire in my bones that won’t be quenched until God leads me to His true meaning. Then comes worship. God said, “Seek and you will find” (Matthew 7:7). And He is ever faithful to this promise.

That is what I’m doing here…

what I hope we all do here…

Seek for Him…

With all our hearts

And find Him

So that we may know Him…

And the power of His resurrection…

And the fellowship of His sufferings…

Being conformed to His death…

If, by any means, we may attain to the resurrection from the dead… (Phil. 3:10-11)

See, here’s what I’ve found out… He really will be found by us, in ways we never dreamed. If we only don’t stop looking. May we be a generation willing to dig deep… very deep… into the Scriptures… until we find real answers. Because we can! We must not believe the lie that we can’t! May we never quit digging, mining treasure until our last breath.

For those sitting in darkness really did see a Great Light. The truth is, we’re still living under the dark heavens and we still need Light. And if we don’t give up too soon, we can still find Him—as brilliant as He ever was! I promise!

Would you join me in this search? Would you resolved to not settle? Keep not settling, friends. If you have settled anywhere short of finding the true Light, would you consider picking up your search again? If you’ve found some of the Light, but not all of who He communicates He is in the incomparable Scriptures, would you study with me too? It would be my joy and privilege to have you along as we study deeply!

I can’t wait till you discover what I have been discovering—that something only stays lost when we stop looking for it! Oh I’m so excited for you to see God’s faithfulness to His promise to be found by us!

In His unfathomable grace and love,

In him was life, and the life was the light of men. (John 1:4)


*The show was Kate and Mimm Mimm

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