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Hello World!

posted by katiemoon January 23, 2017 2 Comments

Hello World!! I’m so excited to be introducing my new ministry called In Black and Light to you! This is my “baby” I’ve been working hard on for a year and a half already. I started to prepare for it even before that, but formal work on THIS started a year and a half ago! And, there’ still lots more to do!!! 

On this blog, I think I will be mainly posting “vlog” (video-log) posts on here as I can use my time more efficiently this way. At this point, I’m just filming them on my iphone, NOT planning to do much editing (because of the time factor) so nothing fancy! With that—have a look! Watch this first short-ish video. It is imperfect in 100 different ways, but it’s time to just start this thing!

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