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Prepare the Way through Comparison?

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This video—this message—has felt impossible get get out to you! Through the process of preparing it, writing the outline, taping it, and getting it online I was confronted with issue after issue after issue. So much push back tempts me to quit. But this message is necessaryYou are worth pushing onward for!

My husband has been re-watching the Cubs play in the 2016 National League Championship Series which landed them in the World Series, and the 2016 World Series all over again these past 6 weeks or so. He would watch a bit of each game at a time, as he had time. Just this weekend, he arrived at watching the 7th and final game of the 2016 World Series against the Cleveland Indians. He went through all the same emotions re-watching the game that he felt the night it took place—anxiety, anger, relief, thrill, elation, tears! WHAT a game!! I’m not sure there could have been or ever will be a more dramatic World Series—with the stakes as high as they were—as the 2016 WS, nor a more dramatic final game in particular! My husband has been a Cubs fan since he was a child. As the world knows by now, they hadn’t won a WS in 108 years! To say this was a big deal to all Cubs’ fans the world over, would be a vast understatement!

So after the final game, and feeling all the emotions all over again, he used a gift card leftover from Christmas and purchased a movie commemorating this year’s World Series. I’m telling you this story because of something player Ben Zobrist said in the film. He was talking about the team’s thinking going in to the World Series. Ben said, “We knew winning a World Series was going to be hard, but we didn’t know it was going to be this hard.”

Yep… that’s this post, this message. Yet God is infinitely good and strong. He brought the victory because He wants this message of His out, and so here we are reading this post and able to watch this message. If it seems long, I encourage you to find time—make time—to get through it. Even if it means pausing it at times. The most important information comes at the end, but its necessary that we be built up to that point. I apologize for a couple awkward pauses as I was searching for the right paper.. If time permitted, I would edit them out. But the point isn’t my perfect performance, but God’s perfect Word being proclaimed.

Grace and Peace to you!

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