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Something’s Brewing…

posted by katiemoon February 28, 2017 1 Comment

Hi Friends!

You may have noticed I didn’t post a Prepare the Way post last week!

So here’s what happened:

I did my research, made my outline, went to record it… then things went amiss. Several minutes in, the camera shut off on its own—for no apparent reason (seriously). Then time was out to re-record. Had to jump back into family life (actually, had to jump into the pool—we had planned an evening at the pool with the kids).

So the weekend was over and no video…

This sort of thing threatens to shake me. I don’t miss deadlines. I hate missing deadlines! I might be late in publishing… but I always publish.

So did I fail? Well, we could look at it that way.

But I see God at work.

In fact, He is stirring something in my heart.

A reset of sorts.

A remake of sorts.

For all future Prepare the Way lessons.

When that video shut off all by itself… I thought Ok, Lord. You must have something else in mind! 

And indeed He does!

So He’s leading, and I’m praying and seeking and listening and following.

I had an entire outline planned, you guys! All the content was ready to go!

But when God says Hold up! I must hold up. When He says Seek Me! We’re going to do something different! I must lean in and listen. He’s the Master Mind. And He’s brilliant! This is His to build. So whenever things need rethinking, remaking… then I’ll go with Him. Remember that post where I said when starting up something new things tend to change quickly at times? Well, here we are in one of those times! Remember how I said this journey is going to be an adventure? Well… this is the stuff of adventures!

And it thrills me!

So, I’m going with Him. And He’s going with me.

And you guys—I’m so excited about what He’s stirring up! I’m not sure what the full picture looks like yet, but I do know the coming changes are good

So would you pray? Would you please pray that I’d be sensitive to God’s leading? That He would be glorified in me? Would you pray for courage and faith in my heart? Would you pray for Prepare the Way messages to have their “reset” come to fruition again? I would so so so appreciate your prayers, friends!

Yesterday, I wrote a little poem about this. I hesitated to publish it, as it seems big and bold and—what if I fail and it doesn’t really happen? But after some explanation of what is going on behind the scenes, I thought I’d paste it to the end of this post and share it with you anyways! Because I choose to believe God. I’m stepping forward in faith, not stopping in fear!

All my love to you!
May God’s grace and peace abound to you today!


Something’s Brewing

I didn’t post a video last week

I simply couldn’t

Plans were made

Plans were ruined

Something’s missing

There’s something more

Change is in the air

Concepts are forming

Discontent stirring

Scattered thoughts gathering

When fully they’re formed

When all is prepared

Onto ‘canvas’ they’ll come

New to be read

Until they’re seen

Until they’re heard

Eyes won’t be opened

Hearts won’t be readied

So listen I will

With zeal of heart

To Diving direction

To Divine art

This must get made

This must be heard

There’s no giving up

There’s no return

Prepare the Way messages

Are coming again soon

So please pray and stay tuned

Because something’s brewing…

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